R Berry

"The word I would use to describe our experience with Rebecca Howard is "amazing." Several roadblocks confronted us, from the finance company to sellers' issues during our home purchase. Rebecca stayed involved throughout the entire process. A few times, she was able to contact our finance representative when they were slow to return our phone. Rebecca was very knowledgeable about both buying and selling our home. She provided names of professionals with good reputations to assist. As we moved through the process of buying and selling, I can't remember one time we needed to find Rebecca. She remained on top of every significant component of both transactions, readily available to provide direction and sound advice. Service such as this is "amazing."

J Ortiz

Rebecca was a pleasure to work with in selling our home! From the initial meeting all the way through the closing process. No pressure, no ball dropped, and no negative experience working with her. We appreciated so much the consistent communication and updates and helping us with some unforeseen challenges. If you are selling your home, definitely reach out to Rebecca and she will get it done.

A Cook

Rebecca was professional and patient with me throughout the entire process. She answered all the questions I had and worked diligently to help me get the property best for me. When I buy my next property I will definately be using her services again!!

P Taggert

I highly recommend Rebecca Howard. She is a great real estate agent. She is very responsive and diligent about helping her clients find a home that fits their needs. She is also friendly and a nice person to work with. Her knowledge of the real estate industry is very deep. Give her a call if you are looking for a home.

L Cornelius

Hello to anyone reading this searching for a real-estate agent. My name is Leonard. I am a 46 yr old single father of two, first -time home buyer. I've worked for my current airline employer 21 yrs. In the last 10 yrs, I was able to rebuild a moderate to good credit score, but by no means would I say I am financially well off. After searching online for an agent and even giving one a try, I was referred to Mrs. Rebecca Howard by my cousin Faith who bought her first home with Rebecca's help. To give you a "feeling" of the type of agent Rebecca is, on our initial call, Rebecca picked my brain for almost two hrs talking about everything from family history to employment, market trends to personal goals and objectives. Of course I did a lot of talking but her questions and thoughtfulness assured me she was the agent I needed. Rebecca is a straight shooter. She's not going to pull her punches. She was patient but assertive. I work a lot of hrs, so she had to accommodate me by scheduling viewings during hrs before I went to work. This made it difficult for her to quickly win on contract bidding. We viewed 13 to 15 homes! I'm sure we bid on 5 to 7. Rebecca found a home for me that we initially missed out viewing because of my schedule, but because the sellers first contract fell through, she jumped on it the day it came back on the market. Rebecca is a thoughtful and resourceful agent, so her skills show in her suggestions, her ability to stay in control of my process and juggle multiple clients really gave me an appreciation for the job she and others perform. Rebecca is an asset to Coldwell, they are lucky and better off with her on their team. She's a master agent! Today I'm happy to say, I'm sending this referral from the very kitchen she helped me find. Thank you so much Rebecca!

K Flannigan

Rebecca Howard did a fantastic job in selling our property. She is professional, thorough, and efficient. She kept me informed in every step of the way. She went above and beyond her job, I am so thankful she help us throughout this process. Thank you Rebecca for a job well done. Linda, Kim and James